Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What’s My Name?

I don’t usually name inanimate objects that I own, but for some reason this one hit me while I was cruising around on my bicycle.

To celebrate my 50th post, three winners can receive a box of Zadina dates OR Arab sweets! Just guess the name of the bicycle that’s been taking me around Abu Dhabi. I will deliver the prize to you in person this summer or if that’s not practical, I'll ship it to you.

The pictures are a clue. Also, it’s an American name. If nobody gets it today, I will add another clue tomorrow.

James Lucy Tom

We have one winner already: Lucy Osaer. I know you think it was fixed, but believe me I was stunned that she got it. She only had the clues you see above.

I guess all those trivia nights with James and Tom are paying off.

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