Monday, July 2, 2012

Wandering by Board and Bike

Gates and doors, even the neglected ones, are works of art.

It’s hot, and I mean, REALLY hot now. As I type this it’s 40 degrees C or 104 F which is not that hot for here, but with 47% humidity it feels like 120 F.

Still, I try to go outside out for a few hours each day. This means either getting out early in the day, or spending my outdoors time in the water.

Exploring takes my mind off the heat, somewhat. Yesterday it was the paddle board, and today the bicycle.

Neighborhood Board and Bike
This map shows the range, in the context of the rest of the city. The paddling route is about 3.3 miles, which took about 1 1/2 hours, including a stop on a mangrove island and a swim.

The photos in the album below have descriptions and other comments attached.

Today at 8:30 a.m. Waldo and I went for a cruise around a nearby neighborhood with small businesses and lots of workers’ housing. The second I got outside I thought, I might not last long. But surprisingly, as I cruised slowly around, I got used to the heat and the slight breeze on my wet (with sweat) clothing cooled me.
I saw many businesses with interesting and sometimes amusing names. I found restaurants and bakeries, and fruit and vegetable stores that I am going to start patronizing. I also found out that, if you take a photo of someone, they might ask you to give them a digital copy of it. And why not? If they have access to a computer, as this fellow did, they can send photos of themselves at work to their family member back home.

Here are the photos, with comments to put them in context.

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