Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Croatia: The Art of Laundry


Croatia - Split (273)


In Mark’s and my northern Nevada neighborhood there are rules, and one of them is that we are not allowed to hang our laundry outside to dry. Apparently the developer thought it was unsightly, and banned it in the CCR’s – Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions.

In Croatia, the laundry line is folk art. Almost immediately after we arrived, I found myself snapping photos of people’s laundry, which at first felt a little creepy, but as long at the owners didn’t see me doing it, I could get away with it.

I was proud of my original idea, until we watched a Rick Steves travel video about Croatia, in which he says something like, “People in Split hang their colorful laundry everywhere …” So I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

Then again, maybe it’s a good thing because, maybe I’m not the only person who is walking around taking photos of people’s laundry.


This laundry art photo album is mostly pictures of Croatian laundry, but there are three others. One from Germany, one from Oman, and one from Sharjah, in the UAE.

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birdie55 said...

I love all your laundry pictures, Anne. I can't believe Nevada doesn't allow people to hang out their laundry. I guess because we don't see hanging laundry much in the U.S., we are really captivated by it elsewhere. When I see it, I feel a sense of nostalgia for my childhood. It's so colorful and tells so much about a home's occupants! :-)