Monday, July 25, 2016

Living on Aloha Time

One of the first things Shana said to Mark and me, before Adrenaline was even tied up at the dock, was something like, "Do you guys want to leave right away?" Do we want to get out of Hawaii ASAP? Like, before the confused ocean seas calm down, before the winds shift in our favor, before we've gone over the boat with a fine toothed comb?

No way,  Brah. We're on Aloha Time!

As Tropical Storm Darby came ashore on Oahu today, the Sunday morning weather people advised everyone to "stay home and watch television." Fortunately, we've moved out of the hotel, and we're now living like locals in a converted garage apartment in Kailua. I walked through the neighborhood to the store yesterday, stopping at a multi-family yard sale at the end of the street. Local color just doesn't get any better than that.

If I were a local, I would be out at all the cool lookouts, watching the waves. So that's what we did.

 We drove south on the Kalanianaole Hwy toward Koko Head, wondering if the road would wash out, and if we would be able to see anything at all.

Rain cells have been pulsing through all day but we were lucky, and after the initial deluge, we got a break that lasted awhile.

On Aloha Time, things happen when they're supposed to.

Makapu'u Tidepools. Rabbit Island on left and Kaohikaipu Island State Seabird Sanctuary on the right.

Memorial to a lost surfer. There were warnings against surfing today, but we saw a few die hard surfers out there anyway.

There were a couple guys out there behind me, but they were usually buried under a wave.

Despite Mark's warning to not get too close, I put my toes into a tidepool. The water felt warm and silky. I'm dying to swim in the ocean. It hasn't happened yet, but it will. On Aloha Time.

Red flag day on Sandy Beach

When we got home to our apartment, I went out in the back yard to look at the lush greenery. I decided to hang out there for awhile and enjoy a glass of wine. About two seconds after I got inside to fetch my glass, it started to HELLA rain. 

So it was not meant to be. No, I was meant to hang out inside, watching television.

On aloha time.


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